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Building Faster PHP Apps Meetup at Datadog NYC

July 22, 2019 @ 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm EDT (America/New_York)

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The Blackfire team is in NYC during the Laracon US week. We’re taking that chance to organize a meetup on PHP performance management. Talks, speakers and guests from any PHP community in NYC are welcome!  Join us on July 22nd for a tech meetup and learn from your peers on how to optimize your app’s performance.

We’re grateful to Datadog, who will be hosting this meetup at their NYC offices!

Food and beverages are sponsored by Blackfire.

Talk #1: Profiling PHP applications everywhere, all the time

by Marc Weistroff, CTO at Blackfire

Modern application development involves multiple environments where different states of the code live. The production environment is where the most stable version run, while the staging and development environments host on-going developments. We’ll see how we can continuously profile each environments and how we can catch performance issues before they impact the production system.

Talk #2:Tracing: Flame graphs of your production PHP

by Sammy Kaye Powers, Open Source Engineer at Datadog

After profiling and benchmarking our PHP apps locally, we often push to production with confidence that the app will perform optimally. But aside from a few logs and some basic memory and CPU stats from the hosting provider, we might not have much visibility into the production stack. Using the new PHP tracer extension from Datadog, we can get more visibility into the production stack; from high-level views showing how services interact, to flame graphs of PHP applications that illustrate bottlenecks and stack traces from intermittent 500 errors. In this talk I’ll show you how the Datadog PHP tracer can give you visibility into production and we will even get a little peek of how the tracer works under the hood.

Talk # 3: Developing cacheable PHP applications

by Thijs Feryn, Technical Evangelist at Varnish Software Group

Most of us are familiar with HTTP, but when it actually comes to creating cacheable web content, there is still a lot to be learned.

In this presentation I will show you how to leverage specific mechanism to achieve a good hit rate without losing touch with some of the challenges of real-life web projects.

Keywords: cache control, cache variations, conditional requests, stateful content, HTTP fragments, cache invalidation and edge-side logic.

The goal is to empower developers to control the behavior of reverse caching proxies like Varnish, Content Delivery Networks, or even browser cache, using the power of HTTP.

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