API-Platform Support

By Thomas di Luccio, on Mar 31, 2022

API-Platform is a framework dedicated to easing the creation of API-first applications.

Built on top of Symfony, it benefits from its ecosystem and provides a wide range of content negotiation (GraphQL, JSON-LD…).

We’re glad to announce the native support of API-Platform by Blackfire Monitoring and the automatic naming of its transaction.

Transactions will be named based on the _route parameter of the request (api_books_get_collection, api_books_post_item…). Transaction naming could still be overridden and programmatically defined.

Make sure to get the latest version of the Blackfire probe and try it out!

Thomas di Luccio

Thomas is a Developer Relations Engineer at Platform.sh for Blackfire.io. He likes nothing more than understanding the users' needs and helping them find practical and empowering solutions. He’ll support you as a day-to-day user.