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Feature Focus: “Metrics Revolutions”, Episode 3

Custom metrics are one of the most powerful features of Blackfire, giving you the ability to fine-tune how your profiles are rendered.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Jul 16, 2020

Better Heroku Integration

You can now use Blackfire on Heroku with all languages supported by Blackfire, thanks to the new official buildpack.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Jul 13, 2020

Feature Focus: “Metrics Reloaded”, Episode 2

Going further with metrics, thanks to the Metrics Explorer. It is now easier to write Blackfire tests.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Jul 07, 2020

Feature Focus: “The Metrics”, Episode 1

Metrics are an important part of Blackfire, contributing to a wider awesome feature: Tests

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Jun 18, 2020

Blackfire stubs in PHPStorm 2020.1

PHPStorm 2020.1 is out, with stubs of the BlackfireProbe internal class.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Jun 02, 2020

The Power of Distributed Profiling

Blackfire Distributed Profiling makes it possible to profile any service your application interacts with. Discover how…

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Apr 29, 2020

Magento InterfaceValidator improvements

Important performance improvement in the Magento plugin system.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Apr 21, 2020

The Timeline Threshold

In Blackfire Timeline view, the “threshold” metric is a powerful, but underrated tool… Let’s have a closer look.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Apr 15, 2020

Integrate Blackfire in your CircleCI pipelines

As a Technology Partner, Blackfire now offers an in integration to CircleCI pipelines.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Mar 30, 2020

Profiling 101 for Python Developers: Using Blackfire 6/6

This article is the last of a series of six on Profilers in the Python world, and how Blackfire is the best-of-breed tool to introspect code behavior and optimize its performance.

By Christophe Dujarric, on Feb 12, 2020