Automate Python Profiling and Performance Testing

By Christophe Dujarric, on Nov 17, 2020

We’re really excited to announce the support of Builds and Scenarios for Python.

A build report resulting from automated profiling with

This key feature of Blackfire enables development teams to fully automate application profiling and testing, any time they need. Some use cases:

  • Integrating performance testing into any pre-production testing strategies (CI/CD, staging, load-testing, etc);
  • Validating production deploys;
  • Introspecting Python code in production upon external events or alerts.

The key ingredients to get started:

Write some (performance) assertions

Performance assertions act like a performance budget for your application. Whenever you profile some code, make sure it meets your requirements in time and memory consumption. Go further by writing assertions that do not rely on time values, only on code behavior!

Define HTTP based scenarios with key business transactions

The Blackfire Player is an Open Source crawler, scraper and tester which you can even use for functional testing without coupling it to Blackfire profiling.

Integrated with, HTTP requests will automatically be profiled, and collected data will be compiled into a build report, highlighting failing assertions and recommendations, as well as linking to each generated profile.

Start builds when needed, get notifications where it matters

Blackfire builds offer robust options to integrate in any testing workflow.

Try periodic builds in production, integrate natively with our partners, or use our flexible webhook to start builds whenever relevant.

Once builds reports are available get notifications when and where you need them the most. From emails to Slack or Git UI integrations, as well as a webhook, make sure you never let poor performance impact your production sites.

Give Blackfire a try!

Builds and scenarios are a feature of our Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.

Play with the demo or subscribe now!

Happy Python profiling,

Christophe Dujarric

Christophe is the Chief Product Officer at Blackfire. He's an engineer, but probably one of the least "tech" people in the company. He's wearing many hats, from product management to marketing and sales. He loves the beauty of simple solutions that solve actual problems.