Blackfire build status on Bitbucket cookbook

By Christophe Dujarric, on May 18, 2016


Even if we plan on supporting this natively, the integration of Blackfire with Bitbucket is already possible, thanks to Xavier Leune, Deputy Technical Director at CCM Benchmark Group.

What does that integration do? It makes it possible to show a build status according to the passing or failing performance tests you wrote with Blackfire. There are some pre-requisites, though: you must be able to deploy each new Pull Request, so that Blackfire can profile it, and the deployed environment must be accessible by the Blackfire servers. You can read more about triggering the test scenarios in our documentation.

In order to setup an integration with Bitbucket, just read this great cookbook.

Happy performance testing!

Christophe Dujarric

Christophe is the Chief Product Officer at Blackfire. He's an engineer, but probably one of the least "tech" people in the company. He's wearing many hats, from product management to marketing and sales. He loves the beauty of simple solutions that solve actual problems.