Crawling a page with Blackfire Player

By Grégoire Pineau, on Mar 06, 2017

In January, we released the new version of the Blackfire Player. Blackfire Player is a powerful Web Crawling, Web Testing, and Web Scraper application. It provides a nice DSL to crawl HTTP services, assert responses, and extract data from HTML/XML/JSON responses. This blog series gives concrete examples of how the Player features can be used.

It integrates with Blackfire in order to automate performance testing, but can also cover a lot more use cases, without necessarily involving any sort of performance management.

Let’s have a look at a use case on the crawling capacities of Blackfire Player. With the simple DSL below, we can crawl each Symfony version tagged on GitHub, and return the results in a JSON file.


     endpoint ""
     set releases []
     set github_tags_url ""

     # get the latest Symfony releases
     while github_tags_url
         visit github_tags_url
             wait 200
             expect status_code() == 200
             set releases merge(releases, json('[*].name'))
             set github_tags_url regex('/<([^>]+)>; rel="next"/', header('Link'))

Executed by this:

blackfire-player run github.bkf --json

Gives this:

     "1": {
         "releases": [
             # not showing all values for the sake of readability in this article
         "github_tags_url": null


Grégoire Pineau

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