Debugging Sylius and speeding up its Behat suite with Blackfire

By Christophe Dujarric, on Feb 09, 2016

Sylius is an Open Source eCommerce platform, based on  a modular architecture. It enables businesses to customize their apps quickly and efficiently, and to focus on required functionalities.

sylius packagist

Sylius stats on

Kamil Kokot (@pamilme) is a PHP developer at Lakion, creators of Sylius.

A few months ago, Sylius suffered from its very slow testing suite, which impeded the releasing process, making it harder for the community to contribute. Until Kamil tried Blackfire, the community had no clue of how to improve the test suite, and couldn’t get inspiration from other Open Source projects.

He found 8 ways to improve the test suite, of which 3 showed major optimizations. And in the meantime, he also found two bugs in Sylius by profiling the app in production.

Before: Total time 2 hrs 33 min 33 sec

sylius travis before


After: Total time 25 min 49 sec

sylius travis after


During the FireUpMyMac contest, he wrote a detailed article including interactive, publicly shared profiles. Check it out.

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