FireUpMyMac – And the winner is…

By Christophe Dujarric, on Dec 08, 2015

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The winners is are…!

Congratulations to Andrej Guran for his blog article on how he improved Foodpanda‘s order management tool!  He is the happy winner of the Blackfire customized Macbook Pro!

The final lottery took place last Friday during SymfonyCon‘s closing session.

We were amazed by the quality of all of the submissions – 18 in total – so we decided to send the other 17 qualified entries a coupon granting a free yearly subscription to Blackfire’s Premium Edition. We hope that this will give them even more opportunities to fire up their PHP app! 😉

A great knowledge base

We believe that there’s a lot to be learnt from their articles, and some of them may prove useful for you. We’ll re-blog some of them in the coming weeks, but here’s the full list:

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We might do a second edition some time, who knows?

Happy profiling!


Christophe Dujarric

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