From stealth to spotlight: improve transaction identification with our latest feature

By Thomas di Luccio, on Nov 15, 2023

Observability goes beyond mere performance metrics. It isn’t just about the pursuit of speed. It is about the empowerment to remain consistently in control at all times. Observability ensures that resources are optimally allocated and utilized, allowing your applications to consistently deliver top-tier service quality, even during rush hours and challenging times.

That’s why we’re excited to share one of our latest features: Top Transactions Breakdown. This addition promises not only to enhance your observability game, but to also provide deep, actionable insights.

Observability with a bigger plan

The ability to observe applications’ real behavior requires a comprehensive approach. Developers, tech leaders, and we at Blackfire collaborate to form an observability A-Team. And we like it when a plan comes together! Here’s how our plan unfolds:

Blackfire Monitoring: our solution embodies the essence of continuous observability, offering a panoramic perspective of your application’s health. This allows you to pinpoint and delve into performance hiccups; identifying the issue and understanding its timing and origin.

Blackfire Profiler: once you’ve identified a concern, it’s time for a detailed examination of specific functions or service calls. The Profiler elucidates the root cause by visualizing the application’s real-time behavior and furnishing in-depth analysis. With this insight, you’re better equipped to devise a tailored remedy.Finally, you safeguard against introducing code that could compromise your application’s performance by consistently conducting performance tests and integrating them with your CI/CD pipelines. This ensures that your application remains swift, delivering a stellar user experience at all times.

Spotlight on op Transactions Breakdown

The feature we’re spotlighting today lies in the first part of the plan: understanding when and where something happened.

The Top Transactions Breakdown feature offers a dynamic visual representation, charting the progression of your most influential transactions over the selected dimensions (wall-time, memory, and stdout) and timeframe. 

You might unearth that certain endpoints consume an inordinate amount of memory at specific moments, even though they usually operate below the radar. Other transactions could show massive contributions to the global response time or stdout during specific events. 

From obscured to illuminated

The essence of this feature lies in its ability to illuminate what once remained obscured. With Blackfire, it’s like being handed the steering wheel and a pair of bionic glasses, empowering you to foresee potential hurdles and be proactive, rather than just addressing fallout.

Wrapping up our dive into Top Transactions Breakdown, we want to emphasize the power of community-driven insights. Sharing our individual experiences and knowledge strengthens our collective understanding and helps refine Blackfire’s tool for everyone’s benefit.

We’re eager to hear how this feature has helped you. What tools could we design together to help you meet your objectives? Let’s enrich our community knowledge pool! Engage with us on, Slack, Reddit, or Twitter.

To better observablity and beyond!

Thomas di Luccio

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