Getting Detailed and Live Insights over Services with Blackfire Monitoring

By Thomas di Luccio, on Jul 22, 2021

Blackfire Monitoring now enables to view the break-down of response time in services (HTTP, SQL, MongoDB, AMQP, Redis, Memcached,…).

Drill down into each service call, find when and how many times they occur in time, as well as the transactions they originate from.

Here’s a quick overview of the features:

Response Time Break Down Graph

This graph displays the break-down of the global application response time across the application response time, and each service. it enables to quickly see if any service is behaving in an unexpected manner at some point in time, or consumes too much resources overall.

This graph is available in the Monitoring overview, as well as for each transaction.

Most Impactful Service Calls

Together with the list of “most impactful transaction”, discover the list of most impactful service calls, filter and browse to find the problematic ones.

Service Call Drill-Down

While the information presented on the monitoring dashboard is an aggregated one for the selected timeframe, clicking on a transaction or service name will display monitoring data for that specific entry.

Thanks to this feature, made their homepage 3 time faster in no time.

Learn more about the monitoring of service and subscribe to Blackfire Monitoring to improve the Continous Observability of your applications.

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