JSON:API in Drupal 8.8, up to 3x faster

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Oct 08, 2019

Jibran Ijaz, senior Drupal developer and contributor, recently announced that the performance of Drupal’s JSON:API was significantly improved: up to 3x faster in upcoming version 8.8, compared to version 8.7.

This outstanding achievement results from the resolution of 3 issues:

Those 3 issues take their origin in a very common situation: computed resources were not factored enough, leading to a waste of computing time, method calls overhead, and energy.

Blackfire enabled to identify the origin of these issues and to find a solution. Introducing new cache layers minimized the cost by reusing computed entities.

When optimizing code performance, it is key to measure each code iteration in order to validate changes. Blackfire’s stable overhead (which never impacts end-users) and its unique profile comparison feature enabled the Drupal team to acknowledge a 79% wall-time (complete PHP execution time) performance increase: 

Kudos to the Drupal team 👏!

Happy profiling!

Source: https://www.previousnext.com.au/blog/jsonapi-drupal-88-up-3x-faster-than-drupal-87

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