Keeping control of your Organization’s Usage

By Thomas di Luccio, on Aug 03, 2022

Predicting the traffic of our applications is as challenging as forecasting the weather. 

Whether it’s a sudden spike in your apps’ traffic, a set of bugs pushed in production, or even a full-on cyber attack, unexpected surges can bring significant consequences. We may have the facts to anticipate a solid estimate, but we can’t plan for the anomalies.

This is a concern shared by many Blackfire Monitoring customers. And it’s directly linked to ensuring you have the right amount of traces to maintain your applications’ continuous instrumentation—while controlling costs.

To help customers gain greater observability, and to better display data in a way that allows for informed decisions, Blackfire is introducing the new Organization Usage page.

Monitoring Usage

Besides controlling the activation of Blackfire Monitoring per environment, this new page grants users a more detailed view of trace consumption and displays a daily breakdown per environment. Now, you have access to even more valuable insights, so you can keep better control of your consumption.

Profiling Usage

Additionally, the Organization Usage page provides similar information for the profiles:

  • Profiling with breakdowns per environment
  • Sub-profile (distributed profiling)
  • Manual or automated profiling
  • Language and profile status

Of particular note is the profiling usage section, which gives a full breakdown of profiles per environment, per automated and manually triggered profiles, per programming language, and per status. 

And there you have it: You now have full control over your consumption and quotas.

These new pages, and fair pricing based on quota, guarantee our customers will never end up with an unexpected massive invoice at the end of the month. They can keep control of their purchases at all times and, if needed, they’re free to top up (increase or decrease quotas) or not. Subscriptions can be controlled, and top-ups are purchased from the Organization billing settings page.

Spike Protection System

Blackfire also has a spike protection system in place to protect customers. Blackfire Monitoring automatically pauses for 15 minutes whenever the number of collected traces is unusually high, above 15 times higher than the defined sample rate. This acts as a shield and ensures some of you don’t unintentionally lose most of your monthly traces quota in minutes.

If you want more information regarding our Organization Usage views, head over to the documentation area to learn more about this (split up into Monitoring Usage and Profiling Usage) or discover all of Blackfire’s features with our demo application.

And as always, Happy Performance Optimization!

Thomas di Luccio

Thomas is a Developer Relations Engineer at for He likes nothing more than understanding the users' needs and helping them find practical and empowering solutions. He’ll support you as a day-to-day user.