Laravel Octane support

By Thomas di Luccio, on Jun 23, 2022

Laravel Octane aims at improving Laravel applications’ performance by serving them using high-powered application servers, including Swoole, Open Swoole, and RoadRunner.

It boots your Laravel app once, keeps it in memory then serves it at every connection.

Unlike usual PHP, Swoole, Open Swoole, and RoadRunner provide state-full applications. This means the internal state of your application after one request will remain the same for the next one. To circumvent possible side-effects, Laravel Octane serves a fresh clone of the initial instance at every incoming request.

We are thrilled to announce the support of Laravel Octane for all Blackfire features.

Check our integration and start monitoring and profiling your applications served with Laravel Octane.

Happy Performance Optimization

Thomas di Luccio

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