“Load In The Loop” – Episode 3: A small feature with huge impact

By Christophe Dujarric, on Dec 06, 2019

Load in The Loop” is a podcast on Magento Performance created by Magento Performance experts Ivan Chepurnyi and Eric Hileman (CEO at MageMojo). Blackfire proudly sponsors this podcast, providing the tool to support the two experts in finding performance issues on merchant sites, and optimize it.

In this episode, Ivan and Eric inspect Scrip Inc, a medical supply B2B shop.

Amongst the classical “loads in the loop”, they quickly figured out by looking at a Blackfire profile that a brand slider is the main bottleneck. That feature, intended to let users browse goods by brand, is indeed taking 60% of the total Wall-Time, whereas it is a secondary navigation element.

In the same perspective, Ivan and Eric quickly realized that a feature loading 4 “top sellers” products on a category page ruin its performance. Those products, loaded via an un-cached Ajax call (see how to profile an Ajax call with Blackfire), indeed take almost 4 seconds in Wall-Time.

Smart tip from Ivan: measure and test all the time!

Icing on the cake: they find a performance issue in the Magento 2 core, and give a great advice while they discuss it with the Magento team.

Discover more findings in the full episode:

Christophe Dujarric

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