“Load In The Loop” – Episode 4: Magento Community Bracing for Performance Optimization

By Christophe Dujarric, on Dec 09, 2019

Load in The Loop” is a podcast on Magento Performance created by Magento Performance experts Ivan Chepurnyi and Eric Hileman (CEO at MageMojo). Blackfire proudly sponsors this podcast, providing the tool to support the two experts in finding performance issues on merchant sites, and optimize it.

In this episode, Ivan and Eric Grom’s B2C furniture shop.

Within a couple of minutes, they find a potential way of reducing the home page load time by 80%.

As the show is now a couple of episodes long, Ivan and Eric also were able to get some feedback and discussions with the merchants and extension developers. Thrilling to see the Magento community bracing for performance optimization!

No one cares about the code style if extensions perform very badly!

Ivan Chepurnyi, discussing about the efforts in build high quality Magento extensions

Check out the full episode:

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Christophe Dujarric

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