“Load In The Loop” – Episode 5: Black Friday take-aways and more

By Christophe Dujarric, on Jan 02, 2020

Load in The Loop” is a podcast on Magento Performance created by Magento Performance experts Ivan Chepurnyi and Eric Hileman (CEO at MageMojo). Blackfire proudly sponsors this podcast, providing the tool to support the two experts in finding performance issues on merchant sites, and optimize it.

In this episode, Eric and Ivan wrap-up the Black Friday period with key take-aways. In a nutshell:

It sounds like Ivan saved the day for many merchants this year, as the issue he found was quickly fixed, and the resolution rolled-out to all Magento Cloud merchants!

This episode’s guest merchant, Heavyglare.com, then gets the Load In The Loop treatment, where Ivan combines using the call-graph and the timeline view to find unusual issues and extensive calls to Elasticsearch.

Watch the full episode:

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