New login options for Blackfire

By Javier Eguiluz, on Dec 12, 2014

Signing up for Blackfire Profiler is now easier than ever thanks to the new GitHub and Google login buttons:


If you click for instance on the Login with GitHub button, you’ll be redirected to GitHub website, where you can authorize Blackfire application to access your personal user data (no repository data is needed to use Blackfire):


In case you login with GitHub and then prefer to use another alternative, you can always revoke Blackfire’s access in the Applications section of your user preferences.


If you already have a Blackfire account, you can also login with GitHub and Google. As long as you use the same email address, all services will be automatically connected.

Happy profiling!

Javier Eguiluz

Javier works as Symfony Evangelist at SensioLabs, where he can unleash his genuine passion for Symfony and PHP. Lately, he's focused on improving the UX (User Experience) and DX (Developer Experience) of Symfony ecosystem. He also works as trainer of Symfony-related technologies.