Online games store GOG boosts performance with

By Thomas di Luccio, on Jul 21, 2021

GOG is a digital distribution platform for video games and one of the major players in the game industry. They’re part of CD PROJEKT Group, along with the studio CD PROJEKT Red which created The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 franchises.

Long-time customers, they based their continuous observability strategy on Blackfire to face significant usage spikes during seasonal events and product launches.

Their results are impressive. To cite a few, they managed to process 20 times more orders at the same time, consuming fewer resources and optimize the cache pool of a RabbitMQ consumer and make it process messages 10 times faster.

Blackfire’s continuous observability solution is empowering. Our teams can make early discoveries with the monitoring. Improvements in the code are based on the precise and detailed information collected while profiling parts of the applications. Then, by writing efficient performance tests and plugging them with our CI/CD pipeline, we avoid regressions of already known performance issues.  

– Marcin Czarnecki, Backend Chapter Lead at GOG

Get the full case study here and know more about how they implemented a successful continuous observability strategy with Blackfire.

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