Optimize your Shopware 6.x applications with new specific metrics

By Thomas di Luccio, on Apr 12, 2023

As the  global ecommerce market grows larger, the expectations on applications and platforms are increasing higher. 

As the Akamai Online Retail Performance Report shows, their performance is one of the key success factors: “A 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7 percent”. That seemingly insignificant slowdown can make all the difference. 

Therefore, the stakes are clear: it’s a battle over critical milliseconds! Every ms gained, and maintained in the long run, will drastically improve conversion rates and help businesses reach their objectives.

New specific Shopware 6.x metrics are now available 

As we have mentioned earlier in this space, Performance Optimization requires a specific battle plan designed with your application and development workflow in mind. And specific metrics that target your application logic are especially important in achieving peak performance.

Blackfire can help pinpoint the metrics important to you. After all, we provide over 600+ metrics, and we previously detailed how to create custom metrics

Now, we are thrilled to announce that 19 new Shopware 6.x metrics have been added and are now available to all Shopware projects.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Shopware is a flexible and scalable open-source ecommerce platform that was first released in 2010 in Germany. It relies on a large and active community of developers who help to build and optimize this ecommerce application. 

These new metrics are built upon the existing metrics on PHP/Symfony apps in Blackfire with additional Shopware-specific calls and scenarios. The metrics give Shopware developers a baseline understanding of the impact of their code. It’s all about promoting best practices and alerting for making resource-intensive usages. 

Keep in mind, Shopware is a highly customizable e-commerce platform, but. Customization may come with a cost in terms of performance. 

And now, some special thanks are in order 

We would like to thank one of the members of the Shopware community, Uwe Kleinmann from Kellerkinder, who contributed the new metrics and helped improve the developer experience of optimizing the performance of Shopware 6.x applications.

For Uwe, the Shopware metrics he contributed help developers see app-specific areas, such as the timeline graph, to better understand how their code fits into a typical Shopware request flow.

Thanks again, Uwe, for your contribution to both Shopware and Blackfire! 

Want to help improve performance optimization, too? 

Help us help you help all of us! We are more than happy to help any of you who would also like to contribute with custom metrics and recommendations that could help other developers improve their applications.

We also have a free Open Source initiative offering free Blackfire Profiler subscriptions to support Open Source project maintainers building performant code. You can learn more about this program on this page.

Also, reach out to us on Reddit or Twitter to tell us about your plans for making ecommerce applications more efficient and the developer experience even better.

Happy Shopware Performance Optimization!

Thomas di Luccio

Thomas is a Developer Relations Engineer at Platform.sh for Blackfire.io. He likes nothing more than understanding the users' needs and helping them find practical and empowering solutions. He’ll support you as a day-to-day user.