New Profiler Edition

By Christophe Dujarric, on Sep 27, 2016

The new Profiler Edition of is here! In response to increasing community demands to provide a more powerful profiling engine, without the automated testing features, at an affordable price, Blackfire Profiler delivers on all three.

What’s the Profiler Edition?

This Edition includes the following functionalities:

  • Profile Web Pages, CLI scripts, API Calls;
  • Measure Wall Time, Memory, CPU, I/O Network, HTTP calls and SQL requests dimensions;
  • Obtain Recommendations for how to improve your code’s performance;
  • Use the PHP SDK for more flexibility on profiling;
  • Get unlimited profiles retention for 30 days;
  • Save up to 10 reference profiles.

Special Launch offer

If you were a Hack user before the release of the Profiler Edition, check your mail! We’ve sent you a very special coupon code to thank you for your loyalty and give you a very special discount on your Profiler Edition subscription.

We are also very happy to welcome any new user at a 20% discount. Until October 31st, simply use the following coupon code at checkout:


Hack is still free!

Introducing a new Edition doesn’t change the fact that Hack still exists, and you can still profile your applications for free. We did some adjustments to the Hack Edition, but it will still enable you to discover what profiling is, and how it can help you boost the performance of your apps.

Comparing our Editions

Blackfire is all about PHP performance management, via performance testing, automation and performance recommendations. Our different Editions enable you to pick exactly which part of our service you need, depending on your current tooling and workflows. Besides the free Hack Edition, we now offer the Profiler, Premium and Enterprise Edition.

Compare our Editions and discover what they can do for you!

Happy performance testing!

The Blackfire team

Christophe Dujarric

Christophe is the Chief Product Officer at Blackfire. He's an engineer, but probably one of the least "tech" people in the company. He's wearing many hats, from product management to marketing and sales. He loves the beauty of simple solutions that solve actual problems.