Revolutionizing Continuous Observability with Upsun

Discover Upsun, the next-gen Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed with a unified infrastructure and application observability solution at its core. Every PHP and Python project is granted full access to Blackfire, ensuring seamless and insightful development.

By Thomas di Luccio, on Oct 04, 2023

In today’s tech-savvy landscape, the success of any software platform or service is inextricably tied to its ability to provide insights, clarity, and adaptability. Comprehensive observability, from the infrastructure to the application side, is crucial in empowering developers and establishing a clear path for their applications to excel.

We are proud to announce that Blackfire is the official observability solution of Upsun. Upsun empowers development teams with the flexibility to build—and the firepower to run—diverse applications on a single, self-service PaaS. By fully managing infrastructure and security, Upsun frees every developer to easily experiment, quickly iterate, and confidently deploy applications at scale.

Upsun is no ordinary PaaS. This cool newcomer is a real game-changer in the PaaS landscape, empowering development teams like never before. Upsun values your time as developers by providing you with tools to focus on what matters more: coding new features and adding value to your end-users. As for Blackfire, Upsun is a solution made for developers by developers, with a significant effort put into providing users with the best developer experience possible, making it the perfect match for us.

Observability on every level

Each Upsun project comes with a complete Observability solution empowering developers and operations teams with the capability to oversee their applications, pinpoint errors and anomalies, and proactively address issues before they escalate.

Upsun observability tools include:

  • HTTP level metrics and analytics.
  • Continuous profiling of Go and Node.js applications.
  • Full access to Blackfire bundled with every PHP and Python project;
  • Infrastructure and resources metrics.

With observability on every level, developers can make data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights into the behavior of their applications, enabling them to continuously enhance their systems for optimal performance and efficiency.

Also, spoiler alert:  the Blackfire team is behind Upsun’s Go and NodeJS continuous profiler. And we’d love for you to give it a try!

Join the Upsun revolution!

Dive into the world of Upsun and experience the ease it brings to your projects. With Blackfire enabled right out of the box for your PHP and Python projects, setting up has never been swifter.

We’d love to hear your success stories and experience with Blackfire on Upsun. Sign up for early access today and share your journey with us!

To better observability and beyond!

Thomas di Luccio

Thomas is a Developer Relations Engineer at for He likes nothing more than understanding the users' needs and helping them find practical and empowering solutions. He’ll support you as a day-to-day user.