Solution Partner Program Launches

By Scott Dahlgren, on Mar 31, 2016

The Solution Partner Program no longer exists. We’re however happy to discuss with PHP performance experts around the Blackfire Labels program.

Since the release of Blackfire, over 40k developers are using it to quickly identify, isolate, and fix performance issues in their PHP code. Over half of those developers are with integrators and agencies who specialize in delivering Magento, Drupal, WordPress, eZ Publish, and custom PHP applications and websites. Delivering apps that perform well are vital to their customers and to their reputation as an Open-Source agency.

Performance Management is Strategic

Such strong adoption makes sense considering how challenging it is to deliver sites that perform well and the lack of professional grade tools that automate performance testing.  Feedback continues to validate the fact that Blackfire makes their job easier by helping to quickly identify and isolate the root cause of performance issues – Blackfire does this more easily and more quickly than any other tool available today.

Going beyond development, many are seeing that regular performance optimization on production sites ensures that performance problems are resolved quickly helping them to remain valuable and connected to customers long term.

Blackfire Solution Partner Program

As a result, Blackfire is excited to announce its new Solution Partner Program for integrator and agency firms implementing PHP applications. The foundation on which this Partner Program is built is simplicity and a clear understanding of the expectations and commitments that will drive mutual success:

    1. Internal Use Discount. Adoption and integration of Blackfire throughout a Partner’s entire development team and CI process will have the greatest impact on the quality and speed of code delivered. To encourage that, Blackfire is providing aggressive financial incentives to Partners for their internal use of Blackfire in development.
    1. Visibility & Promotion. There is no greater impact to broad market adoption than real feedback from users sharing their success stories. Visibility and promotion in the market helps everyone and so Partners who share their success with Blackfire will be further promoted on our website, through our social channels, and in joint marketing initiatives.
  1. Incremental Revenue. Finally, we want to encourage Partners to sell or refer Blackfire to their customers so that they continue to have the best site performance in production. This performance optimization service can be bundled with regular support services provided to increase recurring revenue – plus Blackfire will provide a referral fee for customers that Partners refer to us.

Balance Internet, a Magento Gold Partner located in Melbourne Australia, uses Blackfire to improve the quality of their code in development and quickly resolve performance issues identified in their customer’s production environments. “We have adopted the’s Enterprise Edition in our CI workflow. From benchmarks to regression tests and profile graphs, Blackfire has helped our developers to quickly identify performance bottlenecks and then validate sustainable solutions. The bottom line is that it enables us to build quicker more robust sites for our clients, giving them a greater speed to market with their competitive and innovative ideas” says Mal Williams, Technical Director for Balance Internet.

Interested in Becoming a Solution Partner?

Do you develop and deliver Magento, Drupal, WordPress, eZ Publish, and custom PHP applications and websites?

Is having the best performance a priority for you and your customers?

Contact us at to find out more about becoming a Blackfire Solution Partner and helping to shape the future of performance optimization.


Scott Dahlgren

Scott spent much of his career helping technology companies of all sizes extract greater value from their partner relationships by accelerating the development of high-value partner channels focused on generating incremental demand and expanding delivery capability. Always seeking new challenges, Scott started to focus on Open Source technologies in 2008 with Zend Technologies, followed by four years as Head of Worldwide Channel Sales for Magento, followed by three years as Managing Director for the Drupal Commerce business of Commerce Guys. As Managing Director for, Scott worked on the development of their North American business and their Magento partnership worldwide. Scott earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University.