Supercharge your experience with Blackfire’s new one-click activation

Discover the seamless one-click integration of Blackfire with the PaaS. Activate a tailored Blackfire subscription from your console, step into a hassle-free configuration, and focus on delivering unrivaled value to your end users in no time.

By Thomas di Luccio, on Jul 05, 2023

At Blackfire, our mission is to be the steadfast ally of developers, equipping them with actionable insights and allowing them to see what’s ordinarily impossible –observing their application’s actual behavior.

Our observability solution paves the way for rapid identification and comprehension of performance problems, empowering users to delve deep into collected data, pinpoint the root cause, and ensure long-lasting and reliable improvements by adding more performance tests.

Our parent company,, shares this dedication to empowering developers. Efficient, reliable, and secure, the PaaS gives development teams control and peace of mind while reducing the time it takes to build and deploy applications.

United in our ambition, we aim to let developers concentrate on what they love and do best: crafting new features and improving the end-user experience. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the new one-click activation of Blackfire for Professional projects.

Activating Blackfire within console

The process of setting up this integration is incredibly straightforward. professional users can activate a Blackfire subscription directly from their console.

To do so, navigate to your Project setting, then select “Edit plan”. You will find a call-to-action (CTA) to add Blackfire to your project. Then save, and you’re done!

We understand that every developer, every project, and every environment is unique, so this Blackfire on subscription is not a one-size-fits-all offering.

Instead, it’s custom-made and meticulously tailored to match your specific needs. The subscription scales to match the number of environments and users specified in your plan, providing a truly personalized experience.

Furthermore, each production-ready subscription includes a generous quota of monitoring traces, ensuring you can monitor all your requests without worrying about running out. This lets you focus on what’s truly important–optimizing performance and enhancing user experience.

With Blackfire, you get an observability solution that grows with you, precisely aligning with your evolving requirements. We’ve got your back and are committed to helping you achieve your objectives.

Get a 360 control tower with Observability Suite

While our one-click integration feature offers incredible convenience and value to Professional plan users, our Enterprise and Elite customers are not left out. They already have access to a comprehensive Observability Suite bundling infrastructure observability to an unlimited Blackfire subscription (subject to fair use).

The observability suite encompasses infrastructure metrics, log forwarding capabilities, and an extended time frame, providing an unrivaled, all-encompassing view of your application’s performance.

And the perks don’t stop there; the observability suite also includes auto-scaling capabilities. During peak traffic periods, special events, or unexpected surges, auto-scaling ensures your applications are always prepared and perform at their best.

Hassle-free configuration

This eliminates the stress of scalability concerns and allows you to focus on delivering exceptional user experiences. We promise to do our best to help you do yours. And we deliver. 

For both the one-click activated plan for professional customers and the observability suite for enterprise and elite ones,  all the necessary configurations will be automatically done for you. This seamless process makes getting started with Blackfire in your existing projects effortless.

Once your Blackfire subscription is activated and automatically configured, all that’s left is to redeploy the environments you want to use Blackfire on. The changes will be instantly reflected, allowing you to dive right into optimizing your applications.

Focus on what truly matters

With Blackfire now integrated into with just a click, it has never been easier to focus on what truly matters: optimizing your applications and adding value to your end-users. It provides an effective, hassle-free way to ensure your applications run at peak performance, allowing you to deliver the best possible service to your users.

This integration represents a significant leap forward in our mission to make application optimization accessible to all developers and businesses. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait for you to experience the convenience and efficiency this integration brings to users.

So, why wait? Head over to your console now and activate your Blackfire subscription to start reaping the benefits of continuous observability today!

If you are new to, why don’t giving the complete PaaS and its Git-driven development workflow a try? The free trial includes 3 free development environments for 30 days.

Let’s build a performance and observability community!

We’d love to continue the conversation as we wrap up this announcement. We understand the importance of community, so we encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, or questions about the new one-click Blackfire integration on PaaS. 

Whether you’re active on, enjoy the real-time interaction on Slack, prefer the quick exchanges on Twitter, or love the in-depth discussions on Reddit, we’re there too! 

Connect with us, let’s share knowledge, inspire each other, and continue driving observability forward. We’re excited to hear from you and look forward to fostering a thriving, interactive community around this new chapter in our continuous observability journey.

Happy Performance Optimization!

Thomas di Luccio

Thomas is a Developer Relations Engineer at for He likes nothing more than understanding the users' needs and helping them find practical and empowering solutions. He’ll support you as a day-to-day user.