Technical Product Manager at SensioLabs

By Christophe Dujarric, on Apr 14, 2017

Hear what Beau Simensen has to say about this job!

Beau Simensen, who you might know of as an active open-sourcer, creator of Sculpin ( and contributor to Stack PHP (, is part of the Product Management team since 2016. Hear what he has to say:

The last six months have been amazing! I’ve had a chance to work with dozens of companies to find out how their software is working. It has been great seeing how SensioLab’s products impact developers everywhere. And with products like SensioCloud in the pipeline it is only going to get more exciting. I’d love to have another person on the team who wants to tackle these challenges as much as I do!

More on Product Management at SensioLabs

Yes, we need a developer to fill in this Technical Product Manager position. And as a developer, it might happen that you still play around with some code. But above all, the product management position is about finding the most pragmatic and scalable solution for all of our users. If that means that a sending a homing pigeon to the user is a better solution than anything else, the question is probably “how can we deliver this?”.

We’ll have more time to discuss this if you’d like to meet and hear more, but one diagram sums up the position pretty well:

Our team’s location? The world. The product management team closely works with Fabien Potencier, now living in San Francisco, and other team mates are scattered around the US and Europe.

Who do we talk to, internally? Well, basically everyone. Or course, we’re very close to the dev team (which includes a few Symfony Core team members!). But we interact on a daily basis with the Marketing Team, Sales Team, and whoever else is involved in the product. Which means most of the company.

Who do we talk to, externally? Customers and prospects, of course, but also technology partners, solution partners, community, suppliers,…

Of course, that all means that you won’t be developing on a daily basis; there’s just too much else to do. But you probably shouldn’t stop either, as it’s important you remain up to date!

Join us!

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