TYPO3 performance recommendations

By Susanne Moog, on Apr 18, 2017

Susanne Moog is a guest writer on Blackfire’s blog, as a contributor in writing the TYPO3 performance recommendations. You can find her bio and contact information at the end of this article.

TYPO3 is an Open-Source Enterprise Content Management System suited for building everything from small websites to enterprise web applications. Originally released in 1998, it was constantly modernized and is today a modern and reliable system for creating engaging web experiences. As TYPO3 comes with a backwards-compatibility promise – that is you can upgrade and migrate from major version to major version – continuous testing plays a large role in its development. While unit, functional and acceptance tests ensure TYPO3’s functionality, Blackfire provides the perfect companion for ensuring performance – of the TYPO3 core and all applications you build with it.

Your application performance is critical to the conversion of your visitors. With Blackfire, you can now get TYPO3 specific metrics and performance recommendations, tailored to your site. The recommendations check for best-practice usage, check deprecation calls and even check non-optimal TypoScript usage. Be aware that the recommendations can’t be blindly followed but have to be checked in your project’s context – for example they check the usage of uncached plugins which may be totally valid in your case, but as the usage of any uncached objects slow down page generation it is generally recommended to lower it as much as possible.

Additionally you can add your own checks and tests via the TYPO3 metrics now available. Blackfire supports building test scenarios for CI environments in which you can continuously check your application performance. Default TYPO3 metrics include TCA loading time, content element rendering and caches. All these metrics also appear on the Blackfire timeline.

The recommendations and metrics were defined by the TYPO3 Core Team. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Happy TYPO3 profiling,

Susanne Moog

Susanne has been part of the TYPO3 project for the last ten years. Originally studying media economics she quickly realized that programming was more than a hobby and started working in IT. She works at team neusta and at TYPO3 GmbH mainly as a scrum master and "development coach". While for the main part not actively developing at work she is still a vocal advocate for TYPO3 and does a lot of architectural consulting. She also loves playing coding games (like codewars or regex crosswords).