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Articles of Fabien Potencier

Configuring Environments

Environments let developers finely tune assertions via variables and depending on whether the environment is optimized for development or production.

By Fabien Potencier, on Feb 17, 2016

Assertions for CLI commands

Write assertions for your CLI scripts.

By Fabien Potencier, on Oct 08, 2015

Better Twig Support

Blackfire displays the real names of Twig templates instead of their cache file paths.

By Fabien Potencier, on Sep 02, 2015

Performance Tests and Assertions

Learn about how to effectively test the performance of your web applications thanks to the new Blackfire assertion feature.

By Fabien Potencier, on Aug 26, 2015

Phalcon Support

Phalcon is a PHP framework delivered as a C extension. As it is packaged as a PHP extension, you might be wondering if that works well with Blackfire.

By Fabien Potencier, on Jul 31, 2015

Upcoming Changes: Timeline and Reference Profiles

1.0 is just around the corner with a new Timeline and what we call Reference Profiles.

By Fabien Potencier, on Jul 24, 2015

SQL Queries Comparison

Blackfire tells you the evolution of SQL queries between two profiles.

By Fabien Potencier, on Jun 11, 2015

Phansible gets Blackfire support

Phansible now supports Blackfire.

By Fabien Potencier, on Jun 04, 2015

Data Privacy and Blackfire

Security and transparency are very important for us and probably key to our success. Learn more about your data privacy.

By Fabien Potencier, on Jun 02, 2015

HTTP Calls and SQL Queries

The Blackfire Enterprise Edition gives you more detailed information about HTTP calls and SQL queries happening in your code.

By Fabien Potencier, on May 27, 2015