Consumers Monitoring

By Thomas di Luccio, on Oct 04, 2021

Blackfire Monitoring is the most advanced feature of our Continuous Observability solution. Precious insights are provided by tracing live traffic.

Yet, applications may also rely on background jobs and periodically triggered commands. Therefore, those processes have an impact on the overall performance.

Introducing the Consumers Monitoring

We are glad to announce the release of our Consumers Monitoring feature, expanding even further the scale of the Continuous Observability available to our customers. Consumers, background jobs, and CLI commands can now be monitored.

Key frameworks support

We currently provide integrations for:

Other integrations could be added shortly.

In other cases, the instrumentation needs to be manually implemented as described in the documentation.

The full power of monitoring for your CLI scripts

Once activated, you will access the CLI monitoring data toggling the context dropdown.

As for HTTP monitoring, you will be able to browse the collected data by response-time, access its breakdown per service, and the list of the most impactful scripts.

The full power of Blackfire Monitoring is extended to consumers and CLI commands. Get even more precious and actionable insights on application’s performance and behavior.

Reach out to us to know more

Contact us to know more about this powerful feature and our Continuous Observability solution.

Happy Performance Optimization

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