Laravel Blade Templates Names Decoded

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Mar 23, 2021

Laravel framework comes with an elegant template engine: Blade. Its main peculiarity is that it allows you to run any PHP code from within a template while offering modern features such as template inheritance, components, and effortless extensibility.

Being written in PHP, Laravel applications are supported by Blackfire. We even provide some recommendations, based on Laravel best practices.

Detecting Blade Template names

Until now, you may have noticed in your profiles that Blade templates names are not rendered as you may expect, e.g. views/848f5525d51010e304c283bc05360ae8dc9d68c8.php. This filename actually represents the compiled template file.

Even though you can still find your way from the compiled template, this operation is a bit too complex as it prevents seeing exactly which templates are at stake within a profile, at a glance. Therefore, we implemented the recognition of Blade templates in the probe as of version 1.51.

Before PHP Probe v1.51:

As of PHP Probe v1.51:

You can even use the search bar to filter out and emphasize Blade templates:

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