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Monitoring Alerts

Get alerts where you need, when you need to detect issues in your production application or site.

By Christophe Dujarric, on Jan 24, 2022

The Challenges of Async Python Observability: Profiling asynchronous code 2/3

How does Profiling fit into asynchronous Python apps using asyncio and FastAPI?

By Sümer Cip, on Jan 12, 2022

Support for Laravel Tests

Blackfire PHP SDK now integrates with Laravel Tests

By Thomas di Luccio, on Jan 07, 2022

The Challenges of Async Python Observability: Introduction to FastAPI and asyncio 1/3

Asynchronous Python is getting trendy these days. What is it about and what are the implied challenges in terms of Observability?

By Sümer Cip, on Jan 05, 2022

Feature Focus: “Metrics Resurrections”, Episode 4

Learn how to use Arguments Capturing in Blackfire, so that they can be displayed in the Call-Graph view.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Jan 03, 2022

Symfony Commands Monitoring

Blackfire PHP SDK now provides a seamless integration to monitor you CLI commands.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Dec 22, 2021

PHP 8.1 Support

Blackfire now supports PHP 8.1

By Thomas di Luccio, on Dec 07, 2021

Define Custom Transaction Names in Blackfire Monitoring

You can now define custom transaction names in Blackfire Monitoring using the user interface.

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Nov 30, 2021

Consumers Monitoring

Consumers and CLI command can be instrumented.

By Thomas di Luccio, on Oct 04, 2021

New Python Recommendations: Debug and PGO Builds

New recommendations for Python, regarding debug and PGO builds

By Jérôme Vieilledent, on Sep 14, 2021