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Articles of Christophe Dujarric

New back-end & front-end developer position openings at Blackfire

We’re looking for talented back-end and front-end developers!

By Christophe Dujarric, on Oct 27, 2020

Making the Google AMP processing 3 times faster on WordPress

A 2 lines of code Pull Request can make a huge difference for the entire WordPress community, as soon as you found the bottleneck!

By Christophe Dujarric, on Jul 08, 2020

Free subscription for development environments on popular platforms

We whitelisted fortrabbit, Platform.sh, SymfonyCloud and Magento Cloud development environments for using free Blackfire subscriptions.

By Christophe Dujarric, on Apr 07, 2020

121eCommerce anticipating Magento code problems before they occur with Blackfire.io

Learn how 121eCommerce benefits from Blackfire.io when developing Magento shops.

By Christophe Dujarric, on Mar 16, 2020

COVID-19: Blackfire keeps running as a full remote team

A remote team, for Internet businesses. Count on us to keep delivering our service!

By Christophe Dujarric, on Mar 13, 2020

Blackfire.io: Revealing Performance Secrets with Profiling

Learn everything you need to know about profiling, on-demand or automated, for free!

By Christophe Dujarric, on Mar 03, 2020

creativestyle speeding up time to market for NKD.com on Magento Cloud with Blackfire.io

Using Blackfire on Magento Cloud does help in building faster applications. And it helps in building applications faster!

By Christophe Dujarric, on Feb 20, 2020

Welcoming Alexandre Salomé in the Blackfire team

We’re thrilled to welcome Alexandre Salomé as Senior Full-stack Engineer.

By Christophe Dujarric, on Feb 13, 2020

Profiling 101 for Python Developers: Using Blackfire 6/6

This article is the last of a series of six on Profilers in the Python world, and how Blackfire is the best-of-breed tool to introspect code behavior and optimize its performance.

By Christophe Dujarric, on Feb 12, 2020